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Capacity building and development in the solid waste management sector is one of FEEV’s major activities. FEEV is developing various courses in collaboration with experts, institutes and private industries for enhancing capacities of the workforce to the solid waste management sector.

India, one of the largest developing countries, is faced with a continuously increasing rate of generation of industrial and domestic solid waste, resulting from both a rapidly increasing materialization of society as well as the increasing population in combination with the absence of a systematic approach for the management of solid waste. This has everything to do with a serious lack of interest and capacity of those involved, i.e. governmental administrators and engineers, consultants, academia, etc. As a result, awareness related to managing solid waste at the residential and industrial level is virtually absent.  

there is little or no awareness of the potential value of solid waste as a material and/or energy resource. In fact, the existence of solid waste is ignored at the level of physical planning, market opportunities, need for general awareness, capacity building, etc,

Indian solid waste sector has been neglected to the point where both the industries as well as the government is feeling the pinch due to the obvious dearth of good planners and consultants, this is a major area of concern for both.

The Swachh Bharat Mission has given a required boost to the phenomenon of solid waste and the generation of it. As a result, societal interest, awareness and professional capacity are in urgent need of development at the level of citizen/stakeholder involvement, and technical, financial, social capacity for the implementation of sustainable waste/resource management.

Five Elements Environment Ventures (FEEV), Mumbai, India in collaboration with Enviro-Educa Capacity building in resource management, Berlin, Germany offers an international 8-days capacity building programme aimed at understanding and practically approaching the issues associated with the management of solid waste at the regional level. The programme consists of 3 phases and will be conducted by acknowledged experts from India and abroad.

Course organization

Phase 1 – Online Preparation (February 5 – 28, 2019): 4 weeks online preparing for the course by preparing a  case study on Regional SWM. The case will become an output of the course. Instructions will be given at the beginning of the Online Preparation phase.

Phase 2 – Visits in Berlin (March 4 – 8, 2019): 5 days exposure tour.  Focus on organizational, institutional and technical aspects.

Phase 3 – Workshop in New Delhi (March 12 – 14, 2019): Program focuses on WM technologies, stakeholder participation and sustainability thinking.

Last day of registration

January 30, 2019

For information:  info@feev.co.in

Contact person Name : Srikanth V.

Mobile No : (+91)9664105419

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The concept of circular economy emphasizes using resources as long as possible, to extract their maximum value. Recycling involves recovering and giving a purpose to the recovered resources. Hence education and awareness on recycling is must among government authorities and sustainability professionals. This session introduces to the participants to the recycling industry formal as well as the informal showing a picture of required setups to manage recovered resources.

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